Source code for redis.retry

import socket
from time import sleep

from redis.exceptions import ConnectionError, TimeoutError

[docs]class Retry: """Retry a specific number of times after a failure""" def __init__( self, backoff, retries, supported_errors=(ConnectionError, TimeoutError, socket.timeout), ): """ Initialize a `Retry` object with a `Backoff` object that retries a maximum of `retries` times. `retries` can be negative to retry forever. You can specify the types of supported errors which trigger a retry with the `supported_errors` parameter. """ self._backoff = backoff self._retries = retries self._supported_errors = supported_errors
[docs] def update_supported_errors(self, specified_errors: list): """ Updates the supported errors with the specified error types """ self._supported_errors = tuple( set(self._supported_errors + tuple(specified_errors)) )
[docs] def call_with_retry(self, do, fail): """ Execute an operation that might fail and returns its result, or raise the exception that was thrown depending on the `Backoff` object. `do`: the operation to call. Expects no argument. `fail`: the failure handler, expects the last error that was thrown """ self._backoff.reset() failures = 0 while True: try: return do() except self._supported_errors as error: failures += 1 fail(error) if self._retries >= 0 and failures > self._retries: raise error backoff = self._backoff.compute(failures) if backoff > 0: sleep(backoff)